Alexa Loves : Little surprises

I've really been enjoying the late evening sun in my garden - so have my flowers! I love creating a bit of a magical feeling with wide open apertures on my 50mm's a bit of an obsession.  

Having just moved out of London, my garden is a haven and it feels like a bit of an enchanting place at the moment.  I wanted to capture that in the images.  We moved into our little terraced cottage during the cold winter - and now little surprises keep popping up to say hello, even some rhubarb - anyone for crumble?! It's been amazing to watch the garden spring to life during the heavy rain we've had, and now the sun's out to play the flowers are almost dancing! 

I'll let you into a little secret - although I love it, I'm a total newbie to gardening - any tips or tricks you'd like to pass on? Also if anyone knows the names of these flowers and could let me know in the comments below that would be brilliant!