Shooting from the heart : Getting to know my garden

This long weekend has been about relaxing, lots of jobs around our new house, spending time with family and a chance to shoot from the heart.  Time has become really precious to me so it was amazing to spend some  in my new garden and explore.  We haven't had a garden before and love being outside - spring is such an exciting, refreshing time of year, I love the way the cat isn't ours (I really want one though) but is a friendly little visitor who appears most days, I feel like he's welcoming us to the neighbourhood.  I enjoyed getting back to shooting from the heart - there are so many things in my garden that I love, and so much potential to grow too - I feel these pictures have a little bit of me in them! 

Does anyone know what kind of tree this is? The blossom is beautiful and it seems there was some kind of fruit fallen on the floor but we can't tell what! 

The grape hyacinths are growing in the front yard and I was so excited as they started to peep through - they are my favourite and it was like the house saying "We are growing because you were coming to live here!"

I kind of wondered what would happen when I converted to black and white - I love the shape and texture, what do you think?