Drink Shop & Dance!

Drink Shop & Do is a favourite of mine - a vintage cafe in an old Victorian bath house on the Caledonian Rd in Kings Cross. A place where everything in the building - the china, the tables and the chairs (I have a thing for chairs!)is on sale.

I really enjoyed this shoot for Drink Shop Do - the brief was to create some images to promote their new downstairs bar space Drink Shop Dance! The upstairs is bright and colourful and dainty...I love how they've transformed the old space downstairs (they've kept the neon, ahem!, above the door, see pictures below) into a gorgeous relaxed evening bar venue, as well as using as a space for hen do's and extra afternoon tea during the day. I can assure you there was much oohing and aahing over all the vintage goodness (especially the many chairs!) all day long, and the best thing? Coralie and Kristie the owners gave me cake, in fact they gave me the most amazing red velvet cake...you have to go along and try it too!

An old record player and drinks with a Tatty Devine dinosaur?! Don't mind if I do! 

How awesome is the ceiling in the back room of Drink Shop Dance...still tiled from when it was a steam room when the building was a Victorian bath house! 

I fell in love the old soda water bottle...

My favourite chair? Hmm tough call - think it's got to be the low grey Ercol arm chairs, I have been on the hunt for a pair for my house for months!  What was your favourite chair?!