I love January (instagram-tastic!)

Me on my iPhone, obsessing over the instagram app!  What have I been up to this month? I've been so busy working on the business, but have still found time for a little bit of fun and of course for noticing the little things all around that make me happy. 

I'm living apart from my boy at the moment, it's hard but certainly makes me cherish every moment together....it's like we're dating again!

January started with an amazing night out with my parents for New Year Eve at Hermitage Road in Hitchin.  It was a brilliant evening - great food, dancing and a great band.  I love this bar and restaurant, if you are in the area definitely check it out - but make sure you book as they get super busy.  I love watching my parents dance 'properly', they are awesome! Me and Daf wore our wedding shoes together for the evening, although I ended up with blisters....he gave me his shoes and walked home barefoot, now that's love!

There have been some GORGEOUS sunrises and sunsets in NW3 this month, love!

Exploring our new house and area, making plans and not really doing a lot about them just yet. Chairs for a dining table? Who needs those? Just pull up the sofa and sit on a cushion!!


More gorgeousness around Hitchin.

And finally January has been about spending time with friends....old and new.  It's my new year's resolution to make time in my life for my important people.  My family and friends are so very dear to me and even though I might not get to see them all that often, and I am super rubbish at replying to text messages, I miss them all so much and love seeing them.  I wouldn't be anywhere with my photography if it wasn't for all the amazing support they give.  Endlessly.  My favourite January moment? Sitting in the back of Laws' car, as she turned on her ipod. Alanis Morrisette's 'Head Over Feet' came on, five of us all sang at the top of our lungs and relived the teenage times.  It gave me funny feelings in my tummy and tears in my eyes.  Memories, I love them.

PS I want a cat. I keep meeting them in other people's houses and taking photographs, just love them!....hmmm, time to get my a furry feline friend I think! Hurray!