I love December (instagram tastic!)

Hurrah for the Christmas holidays. My month in Instagrams...still totally in love with this app and I love that a few of my friends have joined because of my previous blog posts, much more exciting with others as one of my favourite things about it is looking at other people's photos and pressing the 'love' button. My username is lexaloy is you would like to add me!

This month has been all about ...

♥ London transport

♥ A lovely evening with the girls in the Breakfast Club in Islington, mmm my favourite....super cool wallpaper in the Lord Palmerston in Dartmouth Park, and freakily beautiful swans at night on the river in Kingston.

♥ Moving house - packing, getting the keys, woodchip.  I love our new little home.

♥ Christmas: decorating, choosing and wrapping presents, lovely family time, finding knitted Santas from when you were small.  Oh and pork pies and chocolate oranges.  My friend Sarah made shortbread stars...and we had fun pimping them!

What was your December all about?