Alexa Loves : Apple Weekend , Fenton House National Trust, Hampstead

It was a tasty weekend at Fenton House in Hampstead! Apple Weekend certainly seems popular with the people of North West London, and I can see why. Walk up a winding road from the tube station and soon you are in a haven away from the city. Hard to believe you're in London really - immaculate lawns, walled gardens, interesting vegetables and flowers, and a sweet smelling orchard all stand in awe of the grand National Trust property.

Delights at the annual celebration of our juicy friends included apple bobbing, apple juice, apple muffins, apple cider, hot spicy apple juice, High Tea of Highgate's apple jam Cream Tea (!), beekeepers, face painting, a treasure hunt for children and the tastiest sausage roll I've ever eaten. Tweeness at its best. You've got to love a bit of bunting now and again.

My lovely friend Andy is the gardener at Fenton House and I love seeing his hard work in action. The grounds are just beautiful, you should definitely check them out. I'm so pleased with these images as they've captured the afternoon perfectly.


I've been a big fan of High Tea of Highgate since they opened - delicious tea, amazing cakes and lovely staff.    So I was very excited when I saw they had a stall at Fenton House, spreading the appley love.  Apple muffins and an apple cream tea were sampled - both delicious. Do they serve this beautiful scone based delight at their cafe? I need it in my life - the husband would only allow me a tiny bite!!  And don't even get me started on their almond tea, it's my absolute favourite - I have two boxes in my cupboard already, so it was a surprise to be able to enjoy it on a Sunday afternoon in the garden.

If you go to their cafe in Highgate, the cow shaped milk jugs pour milk from their mouths! And I love choosing lovely little gifts, tea accesories and cards there too.  Can you tell this is one of my favourite places yet? I'll stop going on, back to the apples..

The dashing Mr Darragh...

I love the colours in these photos:

Sampling the apples from the orchard was fun, I couldn't decide on a favourite - although I prefer sweet ones I think.

Relaxing in a walled Hampstead garden with friends on a sunny September Sunday; a cup of almond tea, an apple muffin and a bag full of apples to take home. My camera in hand capturing bunting, families and green apples - twee but brilliant!