I love pictures of people

I really enjoy taking photos of people I love; capturing moments with all their expressions and emotions.  I wanted to do a blog post that celebrates this, so these are a few of my favourites from the past couple of years.  Thank you to all my willing subjects, I love you guys!

 Emi at Camden Lock

Sarah (always Alice to me!), captured in Hipstmatic.  I love having a portable photographic 'sketchbook' to carry around me, the Iphone is a wonderous thing.

Daf , drinking wine out of plastic cups on Parliament Hill.  Another Hipstamatic beauty.

Mummy, on a winter fen walk.

Dad - rocking the thermals.  Brrr.

Dad - rocking OUT!

My alpine friend

Jem was hilarious at my hen do picnic - blow up balloon animals on Hampstead Heath.

The gorgeous David and Victoria (non Beckham)

Vic's nephews, so scrummy!

Jooligan Bootles


Lawly's dreads.

Beach Olympics - fun with friends at Camber Sands

The Alexandra Hotel, Lyme Regis.  I stole my name from their signage.

Jumping off the quay (onto the beach, painful!) Lyme Regis
My lovely Lucy on her wedding day

Me being silly! We have the most amazing sunsets and light in our flat.  I often play with it - here I'm sporting a pair of fairy wings.

Mike took this on the way home from a roller disco.  What a 'fro! Me: "Take a photo here Mike, now!"

Ben, playing Ring of Fire.  It got a bit silly!

'The World's Smallest Kite'

A Hipstamatic Sarah again, sipping hot apple juice at the German Market in Brum. Check those dimples - love!

A candid shot of Daf pondering at Castle Acre, Norfolk


Snow Day on Hampstead Heath!

My London Family

These images aren't edited, only a couple I've changed to black and white.  My next job is to master Photoshop, I'm so untechnical though so it could be interesting!